Why the name “Peas and Queues”?

There are two things we stress above all else here: living a healthy lifestyle and and minding all of the appropriate social queues.  The stress for a healthy lifestyle comes from the Gent’s background as a varsity athlete. The queues are inspired by the Lady’s extensive background in theater. So give peas a chance and watch for your queues.

I saw something really interesting on your site and would like to elaborate, comment or argue it in a personal blog post.  May I?

Of course!  We’d love it!  Please let us know so that we can look at it without having to stumble across it on Twitter, Facebook or Google.  Contact us by Twitter, Facebook or by linking the article that inspired yours to tell us about it so that we can share it too.  Discussion is very important to us because it not only helps you understand what the content of our site is about, but it helps us write better stuff.  So discuss, dispute, or elaborate away!  But please, give credit where credit is due.

I am representative of a company who wants to advertise on your site.  Can I do that?

Yes you can, however we do ask that your product be in line with our blog focus.  Please ensure (directly or creatively!) that your product is related to good living, good health.  Remember, our blog is one about life, style and how to live your life with style.  We like to endorse the content on our site ourselves, and the product is preferably something that we would use regularly.  That being said we do reserve the right to review your product and share our honest opinions.  In any case, at least the Lady is easy to please, amuse and entertain so don’t be frightened.

Where do you find your information about the content I see on the site?

As often a we can we will give reference both by hyperlink or to the print material  to all the pictures and information used on the site.  Both the Lady and the Gent are academics, and the Lady especially has had it ingrained in her head that plagiarism is a federal offence that will affect her academic standing and legitimacy among the academic community and has nightmares about plagiarism accusations.  Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the Feline, whose sources are somewhat questionable at the best of times.

I love your graphics! How do you find such terrifically awesome ones?

We at Peas and Queues are trying to make the site as personal as possible.  Our header logo is designed 100% by us, along with much of the other content, and future content.  If the pictures you see are not ours, we will cite where we got the images, and link back to the original via the image itself.

Why did you name your cat such an obscenely long name?

Acting Enson Wesley Boots Esquire is a name almost entirely of the Gentleman’s making.  Wesley Crusher, of Star Trek TNG, is at once socially awkward but secretly brilliant. This is also true of the cat.  “Wesley” is from Clone High wherein Butler-Tron calls everyone Wesley.  Clone High is also one of the few modern television shows that The Lady has watched, and thus, thinks it is funny. “Boots” is in reference to Wesley’s little white paws.  “Esquire” probably has something to do with the Gentleman’s love of all things that seem really important but upon further investigation really are not.  Sometimes the Lady and the Gent feel a bit bad that Wesley has such a long name, but he lives up to it so well, they couldn’t bear to take it away from him.


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