Peas and Queues was created in retaliation to today’s fast paced world where people forget to say thank you to the bus driver and who are rude to sales associates.  It was created to follow the lives to two young adults and their cat as they attempt to live like a Lady and a Gentleman, complete with the tip of the hat and a handwritten note.  It is also a community for like-minded individuals to contribute to the content you see here online, ask questions, and provide answers for others who are looking to reach their full potential.  Because it’s not just about etiquette or grooming, it’s about living the life to match.

On Peas and Queues you will find among many other things, tips and tricks for keeping your home a well oiled machine, advice on choosing and mixing your liquors, support in maintaining a Victory Garden, handmade table linens and ties, and classic film suggestions from a black and white cat.

The cat isn’t the only one who is fully qualified to bring you the material you see here on the site.  The Lady is a historian, the Gentleman a philosopher, and both are budding independent artists supervised by the Feline who has a deep running penchant for string.

So please join us in as we attempt to play croquet and tennis and share our experience living the life of civilized folk in a sometimes uncivilized world.


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