Every so often a lady likes to get dressed up and hit the town.  However, she wants to have a good time and not worry about falling out in all the wrong places.  The key is first and foremost buying clothing that fits your body.  Not too loose to the point where you belt wont’ hold your pants up, or so tight that it could been purchased from the children’s department.  But a lady wants to look sexy, even it is just for her self, right?  Right.  Take the time to try things on.  Or do what I do and take it home (with a good return policy) and let someone you know and trust let you know what they think.  And if they tell you that you look like a waitress for pirates, tell them that they are wrong and keep it anyway.  You probably look awesome in it.

A wise person once tole me that when you’re constructing an outfit, you have two choices:  The Girls or Legs.  You can have one, or you can have the other, but you can’t have both.  If I ever lose my mind and decide that I’m responsible enough to care for my own female children, I will tell them this:  Girls, or Legs.  Let me show you what I mean with help from my good friends (who have yet to be informed of my existence) over at Polyvore.


Showcasing: Legs

The premise is that you either have long legs, and you want to show off your gams to the world with a short skirt, or you are petite and want to make your legs look longer.  Well look no farther than the short skirt and nude shoe.  Short skirt maximizes your leg exposure, while the nude shoe elongates your leg by adding length.  With a nude shoe it matters less how short your skirt is and lets you focus on not having a skirt that you need to keep tugging due south every three steps that you take.  Your outfit should be comfortable, and you should be more concerned about having a good time, and less about what everyone shouldn’t see.  Think about this picture from Coco Chanel.

img src - intrenchwarfare.tumblr.com

How short is too short?  Check out this post by AlreadyPretty’s Sal.

 The Girls

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  And the first thing she needs to do when showing off the ladies, is to go get a good bra.  Really and truly, this is the best advice I can give to you.  Department and specialty store professionals everywhere are agreeing with me and once you go and speak to them (myself included) you are well on your way to displaying your assets in a tactful and comfortable way.

Showcasing: The Girls

After you’ve visited your local bra fit professional, try a wrap dress.  Flattering on almost every body you will win the day, and create the sought after v-neck and you will feel really great just by doing so.  Add an eye catching necklace, and you’re all set to go!

The world needs more ladies who know how to dress themselves so that they look professional, confident and ladylike all the time.  But as we always say here on Peas and Queues, it’s not always easy, and you can’t always get what you want.  So choose wisely.  What will it be today:  The girls? or the Legs?