I believe that the launch of this site pairs quite nicely with the launch of a new television series from CBS entitled How to be a Gentleman.  I had something different to share with you today, but then after watching the battle between the Old Spice Guy and Fabio for longer than necassary, I somehow came across the preview and a behind the scenes look at the production of How to be a Gentleman, and thought that it would make a more appropriate topic for our inaugural week here at Peas and Queues.

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The story follows Andrew, a manners columnist who is attempting to navigate life with a friend from high school.  They get into all sorts of foibles, of which CBS will not enclose, but they do give us a teaser of the series of which I have included below:

From what I can see it is a charming take on two extreme male archetypes.  I’m interested to see where it ends up, and if it is attractive to a wider audience than I think it may be.   Now, I will admit that I’m more inclined to like it than the average television watcher primarily because I’m a big fan of anything etiquette.  But I think I may also enjoy it because it includes both Dave Foley, a Canadian comedian known as my favourite Kids in the Hall actor, and Rhys Darby, a comedian from New Zealand made famous internationally from his role as the Flight of the Conchords’ band manager in Flight of the Conchords.   However, I’m a bit biased towards them as actors since I’m a big supporter of both Canada and New Zealand.  If I weren’t, holding citizenship in both countries would be a bit awkward.

Any thoughts on the upcoming series?