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Socialites are brimming with wealth and status bestowed upon them by their family and their subsequent upbringing.  Socialites and, in the same vein, debutantes are part of a higher society that more often than not exist in the larger cities of the world, and geographical areas where the longstanding tradition of the debutante’s ball still exist.  But I believe that in this changing modern world, socialites and debutantes don’t have to come from wealthy families or from a certain background.  The modern socialite lives their personal American Dream, being as rich as they please in both tangible wealth and intangible.  They are so much more than the Paris Hiltons or Ivanka Trumps of the world, and are in more abundance than you may think.

But how does one become a modern day socialite?  Through the DIY Socialite series, we’ll guide you through the do’s and don’ts of the social life, and help you meet truly excellent people at events and in your day to day travels.  Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the realm of Holly Golightly, but without losing yourself in the mayhem.